Hello! Welcome to Let’s Make a Play.

We believe in the power of play and creativity.

We believe in creating stories as a way to connect, understand, and respect one another. Let’s Make a Play is a playmaking community for dreamers, creatives, the curious, and seekers.

Let’s Make a Play is for YOU.


Playwriting Classes in Westchester
Serena Norr Playwright Press
Featured story in the Examiner about Let’s Make a Play.
Serena Norr WMN Unite Retreat
Leading a Monologue Writing Workshop at the 2022 WMN Unite Retreat
Let's Make a Play "Playbills"
Play in a Week “Playbills” from Beacon Performing Arts Center, Grades 4-7


playwriting for kids
Playwriting for kids at the Pound Ridge Library, Grades 3-5
Let’s Make a Play about the Environment at The Sustainable Haven, Grades 2-5
Serena Let's Make a Play
Let’s Make a Play at the Spring Social – Cross River, NY
Let's Make a Play Monologue Workshop
Let’s Make a Play Monologue Workshop with WMN Creative Lab

Everyone is Creative.