At Let’s Make a Play

We believe everyone is creative

We believe in inclusion

We believe in community and collaboration

We believe in telling stories from different perspectives to awaken and inspire

We are dreamers

We are visionaries

We are seekers

We believe in the arts

We believe in access to theater for all

We believe in the power of your voice

We believe in creative expression

We believe in the process

What is Let’s Make a Play?

A hub for makers, dreamers, and the curious, you’ll find workshops, interviews and everything you need to learn how to create your own play.

We are passionate about telling stories from different perspectives to awaken and inspire as well as bring joy, healing, and understanding to all audiences. We believe in making plays and playmaking accessible to all and used as a way to better connect with one another without judgement. Your voice matters and we can’t wait to show you how to express it through playmaking and playd evelopment.

Founder: Let’s Make a Play was created by Serena Norr.

Serena is a playwright and writer who has been writing plays since 2003. Her plays have been performed at the Omaha Fringe Festival, White Plains Performing Arts Center, the New Deal Creative Arts Center, NYC at the Players Theater with the Rogue Theater Festival and the NYC Short Play Festival, the University of Alabama as well as various productions around the U.S. over Zoom. 

Her plays, “OTHER” was recently published in Theatre Unbound’s “Bittersweet” Monologue Collection and “Zoom Like No One is Watching” will be published in the “UNTITLED COVID SHORT PLAY ANTHOLOGY” by Flower Song Press.

During COVID, 15 of her plays received a Zoom production, such as “The Dividing Demons” performed with Primary Stages, “The Bookstore” performed with Westchester Collaborative Theater, “Zoom Like No One is Watching”  performed with Sister Shakes for the Show Must Go Online Play festival and B Street Theatre’s New Play Brunch, to name a few productions

Her monologues, “It’s the Michelle Jennings Show,” “Waiting and Wanting, “Mama, Can You Hear Me? “Deep in Night Thoughts,” “Behind the Bars” and “Zoom-A-Ference 2022″ was performed with Vintage Soul Productions. Recently, her short “Secrets & Lies” was a part of The Queans Theatre REPRESENT festival, her full-length “The Demise of Baby Johnson” was showcased through the Dramatists Guild’s DG Footlights Series, “Purdy’s” was a part of the Omaha Fringe Festival, and her plays “Morning Ritual” “Zoom Like No One is Watching” was performed as a part of Rogue Theater Festival.  Additionally, “$5 dollah, $5 dollah” was performed at the Short Play Festival and “The Rainbow Method” was performed with the New Deal Creative Arts Center. 

She is also a member of the Dramatists Guild, Westchester Collaborative Theater, a program attendee of the Kennedy Center Playwriting Intensive, and a recent attendee of the Women’s Theatre Festival (WTF) Directing Program. You learn more about her plays here.