Welcome to Let’s Make a Play. We are so happy that you’re here.

What is Let’s Make a Play?

Our stories are powerful.

Stories help us understand different perspectives to awaken and inspire as well as to bring joy, healing, and understanding to all audiences.

A hub for makers, dreamers, and the curious, you’ll find workshops, classes, meet-ups, events, and everything you need to learn how to create your very own play and connect with other playmakers.

We focus on the tools a creative (YOU) needs through group lessons, workshops, events, and more.

We will learn how to develop characters through play, art, and free writing as well as we make a play together from beginning to end to full production on the last day of class.

Let’s Make a Play is for dreamers, creatives, the curious, and seekers. Our program is for all ages, all levels and abilities. 

Community Play – 6 week course

Learn the dynamics of how to create a 10-minute play together and produce it (adult program) –  COMING IN JANUARY

Class ends with live production of your play — COMING SOON

Jr. Playmaker – Young Creatives: Make a play in 4 weeks

Cohort 1: Ages: 8-10 – Will create a 3-5 minute play

Cohort 2: Ages 11-14 – Will create a 10-minute play

1.5 hours per class

Week 1: Learning about character, improv, think about concepts

Young playmakers will get to know each other through improv and character-development games. We will make a mini-storyboard as we create characters together.

Week 2: Write/Draw it out

Young playmakers will get a prompt to focus their stories. We will learn the structure of how to write plays out and share 1-2 pages of our drafts. Students will also draw and create the world of their play via art. Homework will be given so students can continue to work on our stories.

Week 3: Read our work and make changes

Young playmakers will bring back their work as they continue to hone in their characters. We will start to “act” out our scenes. We will also plan our costumes.

Week 4: Dress rehearsal

Getting ready for the show! We will be in costume and go through the “run of show” for our production.

Week 5: (Bonus) Let’s Make a Play

Parents and caregivers are invited to see the plays with a juice and popcorn reception. It will be Broadway-style with Playbills.

Workshops – COMING SOON

Social media for artists

How to connect in an unconnected world