Welcome to Let’s Make a Play. We’re so happy that you’re here.

What is Let’s Make a Play?

Your story is powerful. 

Stories help us to understand, respect, and appreciate different perspectives, ways of living, and experiences. They help to awaken and inspire us as well as to bring us joy, healing, and connection. 

The classes and workshops at Let’s Make a Play will help you to develop your story by working in a safe, colloborative, and respectful community. 

A hub for makers, dreamers, and the curious, we offer workshops, classes, meet-ups, events, and more. You will learn how to develop and create your very own play and connect with other playmakers, regardless of training. 

We focus on the tools a creative (YOU) needs through group lessons, workshops, events, and more. 

We will learn how to develop characters through play, art, and free writing as well as we make a play together from beginning to end to full production on the last day of class.

Let’s Make a Play is for dreamers, creatives, the curious, and seekers. Our program is for ALL ages, all levels and abilities. We believe everyone can create regardless of having a theatrical background. We start here and now. We start by making a play.


Learn how to write a monologue in a group writing session.

Next session: Thu, March 31, 2022 from 6:30 PM – 9:00 PM EST

Let’s Make a Play (Adult Class) – 6 weeks

Students will learn to develop their own 10-minute play through a 6-week immersive playwriting for adults. Starting from idea to a full production, the class will include a discussion about the structural components of developing plays as well as character development, tone, and setting. Class will also include readings and analysis of text, group sharing, and one-on-one meetings through the development of students’ drafts. The last class will include a staged reading of the students’ 10-minute plays.

No experience necessary — the program is for all creatives.

Course outline (subject to change):

Week 1: Getting to know characters

We will read monologues and scenes for a group discussion about character and dialogue. Writers will also learn about the structure of what a play looks likes.

Week 2: Character

Writers will get generative prompts to focus their stories. We will also discuss framing characters.

Week 3: Setting the scene

Writers will learn about how to craft scenes, using challenging settings.

Week 4: Dialogue

Writers will create dialogue using prompts or their own ideas. Text will be shared at the end of class

Week 5: Draft

Drafts are due where we will hear everyone’s plays and writers will receive feedback for any changes.

Week 6: Let’s Make a Play

Writers hear their completed plays performed out loud.

Let’s Make a Play (Jr. Playmaker) – 6 weeks

Cohort 1: Ages: 8-10 – 3-5 minute play

Cohort 2: Ages 11-14 – 10-minute play

1.5 hours per class

Week 1: Learning about character, improv, think about concepts

Young playmakers will get to know each other through improv and character-development games. We will make a mini-storyboard as we create characters together.

Week 2: Write/Draw it out

Young playmakers will get a prompt to focus their stories. We will learn the structure of how to write plays out and share 1-2 pages of our drafts. Students will also draw and create the world of their play via art. Homework will be given so students can continue to work on our stories.

Week 3: Read our work and make changes

Young playmakers will bring back their work as they continue to hone in their characters. We will start to “act” out our scenes. We will also plan our costumes.

Week 4: Dress rehearsal

Getting ready for the show! We will be in costume and go through the “run of show” for our production.

Week 5: (Bonus) Let’s Make a Play

Parents and caregivers are invited to see the plays with a juice and popcorn reception. It will be Broadway-style with Playbills.